Orienteering tools

To help you find your way around, and challenge those mapping skills, use our orienteering resources.

A number of way points have been marked in the grounds each with a unique number. The numbers are hand marked on an orange marker attached to a stake or building. The grid references relate to the map ” Karingal 2006″.

The spreadsheet ” Karingal Waypoint list’ details the grid reference for each way point and their locations are marked on the map “Karingal 2006 Way Points’.

The revision of the sheets is shown by the 6 figure digits (YYMMDD) or when the sheet was published.

Orienteering Courses.
A list of orienteering courses is provided, these have been graded to the three Scout award schemes.

Should a user make their own course, they are asked to send this in so they can be added to those provided and so increase the options available for scouts to train from.

The way points are given in good faith but there may be errors. Should an error be identified please report so they can be corrected.

Way Points 170526
Pioneer Course 170526
Karingal Way Pt Master Map170209
Karingal Orienterring Over View 170526
Explorer Courses 170526
Explorer Compass Course Retreat & Dam Area
Compass Course Retreat Dam area
Adventurer Courses 170526